When you see a hot car drive by and hear the rumble of its engine pumping through a throaty exhaust, you know without a doubt that each part was completely thought out and carefully put together to form a complete machine that functions as a unit to not only transport you from point A to point B, but to do it in style!

If someone were to tell you that those parts formed themselves over many years and somehow through natural processes just came together and assembled themselves into a working automobile, you’d say they were nuts. Yet, that is the story we’ve been told by evolutionary science. How much more intricate and complicated are you than an automobile?

You Were Designed

The human body is a scientific wonder that could only have been thought of and created by an amazing designer. That designer is GOD! He knows you inside and out and wants you to know Him! But just like the wind and rain causes your car to rust and eventually fall apart, we’ve got mechanical issues that separate us from God.

You Need an Overhaul

No matter how hard you try to keep your car free from rust and corrosion, if you drive it everyday, its going to eventually decay. We’re like that too. No matter how good we might try to live our lives, we mess up. Those mess ups are called SINS and The Bible says that even 1 sin over a lifetime of otherwise good behavior is enough to keep us out of heaven. Wait What?! So how does ANYONE get to heaven?!

Jesus Does Full Restorations

God knew we couldn’t fix this problem ourselves, so He sent His Son Jesus to come fix it for us. Jesus suffered and died in your place, taking the capital punishment that your sins rightfully deserved and on the third day He rose from the grave to give you a full restoration of a relationship with God…from junker to sparkling showroom new. This is a GIFT that you accept by FAITH in what Jesus did, not by anything you did. Jesus did the work…you enjoy the ride!

Turning Wrenches….Changing Lives

So thats where we come in. We are just guys who love to turn wrenches, get dirty and make old rusty things new again. The same way God did a work on us, we want you to know that He can do it in your life too. He does awesome work and you’ll be blown away by the new horsepower you’ll have!